Tecno CamonCX; Unlimited Selifes Master Piece

TECNO Camon CX was launched as an addition to the Camon series, the third iteration and the successor to the Camon C9 which was announced last year. TECNO has positioned the Camon devices to cater for the photo junkie, not only that, it also falls within a budget so users have certain level of satisfaction from owning the device.
Apparently keeping up with this customer satisfaction is the reason TECNO keeps stepping things up on successive products as obtained in the design of the Camon CX. If you haven’t seen our unboxing and first impression piece, you can look it up here
TECNO scaled up the Camon CX in the design department, definitely not the kind we expected from the Camon series. A sleek that befits a premium phone, the TECNO Camon CX just takes on a metallic casing, slim body and an overall comfortable grip.
TEcno camon cx
So because the Camon CX is a camera phone, you can’t help but notice the conspicuous 16MP camera and a dual flash at the front. Although the front is just as plain as can be, the back is more attractive; with the metal casing, 16MP camera and a LED sitting at the top left corner and the finger print sensor right below.
tecno camon cx
TECNO Camon CX 16MP front camera with dual flash
The fingerprint sensor is the security feature on the CX, and the first time it will be appearing on a Camon device. I am particularly glad that the fingerprint has been used to replace the Eyeprint security which was on the Camon C9, a bootless feature that hardly anyone who’s had the Camon C9 uses. Apart from the security function of the fingerprint scanner, it has a touch function which permits users to accept in-coming calls and to take pictures by placing a finger on the scanner.
TECNO keeps satisfying the need for dual SIM die-hards. On this device, there is a SIM tray that takes up two SIM cards and a separate memory card slot for memory expansion.
The design also did away with the dual speaker grill, now there’s just one speaker right at the base of the device beside the USB/charging port while the navigation keys are now placed on-screen.
Camon CX review
The display is also impressive at 5.5-inches with full HD resolution. Not only is the display bright enough that cranking the brightness to maximum was no use, colours look balanced and natural compared to previous TECNO devices where colours are sometimes over saturated. Multimedia experience is also fanciful with impressive viewing angles and loud audio to complement the viewing experience.
Tecno Camon CX
Visibility under the sun is also good as long as the brightness is set beyond the minimum or allowed to automatically adjust itself. All through my time with the device, I set the brightness at the mid-level but turned it to the minimum only at night.
Being a dedicated camera phone, one would probably be prompted to always take more pictures. Pictures and selfie lovers would love the photo capabilities like being able to take photos at night without worry – all thanks to the dual LED flash beside the 16MP front camera. Selfies can be taken comfortably at night; however the back camera does an average job at 16MP with 4 LED lights in the flashlight compartment. TECNO calls this Ring flash.
Camon CX
Photos taken with the back camera under abundant lighting conditions look sharp and brightly coloured with very reduced noise levels. Low light pictures aren’t so bad, they still come out with some level of digital noise.
Picture resolutions are also high such that at full zoom into the image, little or no quality is lost to noise or pixelation. 

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