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Actor Jim Iyke Responds To Baby Mama Scandal: "It All Works For My Good"

Some days back there was an unconfirmed report that Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke, has impregnated a top Yoruba business man's daughter. The business man, Mr. Alofinaka is based in Lagos. The said daughter of Mr. Alofinaka, by the name- Nancy Alofinaka is a mass communication student at the University of Calabar.Meanwhile Jim Iyke has taken to twitter to respond to the allegations.

5 Things You Should NEVER Say To A Woman During Séx

Whether it's your wife of five years or a chick you just met at a bar, séx is an incredibly intimate experience—especially for the woman.
So when you're in the bedroom (or elsewhere), it's important to avoid unnecessary commentary that could ruin the mood, or worse— make her not want to sleep with you again. From discussing your séxual repertoire to assessing her órgasm, here are five subjects to stay away from during séx.
1. "Not like that."
Remember in school when you were taught to give "constructive criticism?" This does not apply to your lady in the bedroom. It's not very séxy or encouraging to tell a woman her skills are subpar in the heat of the moment. You should always frame it in the positive by talking about what you do like. How we say things to each other can make a huge difference in performance and séxual confidence.
Also avoid: "What are you doing?"
2. "My ex used to love it when I..."
All women are different, so don&#…

Rihanna Shows Off her sexy body (see pictures)

Singer, Rihanna showed off her rockin' bikini body yet again as she posed for pics poolside in the Dominican Republic.
Riri definitely looks hot and sure knows how to strike a sexy pose.

10 ways to know that you are dating a real woman Not a Girl

There is a big difference between a woman and a girl. These differences are not just about the age, but about character, strength and morals. A real man deserves a real woman who he can build his life with.
So if you have a woman in your life and you want to know if you can have a real future with her, check out for these signs:
1. A girl throws tantrums. When displeased, upset or angry, she reacts just as she did as a child when she didn't get her way with her parents. This often consists of screaming, pouting, giving the silent treatment, being passive aggressive and/or punishing. A woman still feels the emotions of being upset/displeased, but has cultivated the skill of responding versus reacting. She comes to the table as an adult, and communicates clearly what is bothering her.
2. A girl perceives herself as a princess and believes people should treat her like so. She is entitled and feels that she is owed and therefore expects more than she appreciates. A woman, has standards (…

Pics: Iyanya spends birthday at Ikoyi prisons; performs with inmates

Afro-pop superstar Iyanya celebrated his birthday today with a visit to Ikoyi Prisons. The singer who just turned 27 was welcomed warmly by the DCP Bamidele and the community; he proceeded into the correctional facility where he spoke with the inmates.
Highlights of the visit included his performance with the talented intimates; Iyanya also pledged to build a recording studio in the establishment for the musically inclined inmates.

Wizkid Mocked Davido's Skelewu Dance? [PHOTOS]

We all know Skelewu dance is Davido's trademark, but our dearest Wizkid couldn't keep it any longer as he danced voraciously along with KCee and the 5Star Music gang in KCee's latest visual where he hired the professionalism of Wizzy!
Check out Davido dancing the Skelewu...
Compare Davido and Wizkid's skelewu dance, who nailed it? Davido or Wizkid

Beyonce's mum, Tina Knowles steps out with Her boyfriend

Beyonce's hot mama, 59year old Tina Knowles has found love again as she stepped out with handsome boyfriend And actor, Richard Lawson...
The good thing is, instead of going for a younger man, she went for an older man..He's 66 but you have to agree he looks 40

Juliet Ibrahim rocks sexy catwoman outfit

She looks good as cat woman

Dr Conrad Murray -- Michael Jackson Would Be 'Appalled' At the Way I'm Treated

Michael Jackson would be appalled at the way people are disparaging Conrad Murray .... so says the doctor who just got out of jail for killing the singer.Dr. Murray -- who clearly uncapped a tube of Just for Men since his release from jail -- says unequivocally -- "I never harmed him [Michael]."TMZ broke the story ... Murray believes Jackson injected himself with the fatal dose of Propofol when the doc wasn't looking.

Miley Cyrus show off her breast in Halloween dress (Photos)

20-year-old former Disney star Miley Cyrus took to Twitter & Instagram to show off her Halloween outfit which was same with Lil' Kim's daring outfit at the 1999 VMA awards show.
And just like Kim, Miley also had just a nipple pastie protecting her bared boob.
She tweeted a picture of her raunchy costume to Lil Kim with the caption, 'Happy Halloween @LilKim' and the 39-year-old rapper was so excited about that.
See more pics after the cut.
Miley caused outrage at this year's MTV VMAs so it's not surprising that she chose a memorable outfit from the same event for Halloween.

Bayelsa State Govt Demolishes Gov. Dickson’s Private Residence, No Compensation!

Bayelsa State Government on Wednesday demolished a one-storey private building owned by Governor Seriake Dickson because it obstructed the Right-of-Way as well as intruding on the state Capital City Master Plan.
Deputy Governor John Jonah told journalists that the location of the Governor's house obstructed theRight-of-Way, hence there would be no compensation for him.
He said:
In line with the development control of the CCDA and urban renewal of the state, the government awarded contract for the dualisation of the road. Anyone who has built structures on the Right-of-Way should expect such buildings to be demolished.
One of the houses we have found to have interfered with the plan of Yenagoa is this one-storey structure belonging to the Governor.
On the advice of the CCDA that is concerned with development control of the state, the house was marked since last year for demolition. And you know we have awarded contract for the dualisation of the Opolo Road."
However, some Yena…

See Iyanya's X-rated birthday cake

Today is Iyanya's birthday and his closest pals gave him this cake..They must really know what he likes, even his choice of

4 types of sex you should Avoid

SéX! It may be good for your heart, great for your mood and even work wonders on your skin, but not all types offer the same benefits.
Sometimes séx can make a bad situation worse and leave you wishing you hadn't wasted your good underwear & clean sheets on a brief fling with séxual mediocrity.
Here are the 4 types of séx to avoid at all cost.Break-Up Séx:It may seem appealing to take one last ride on that pony for old time's sake, but the consequences will likely outweigh the benefits. You're breaking up, which means something isn't working. And even if séx isn't the cause of your break-up, it can complicate an already delicate situation. For instance, it's easy for your partner to misconstrue your intentions. When it comes to break-up séx, you don't want your "It has been a pleasure doing business with you," to be misinterpreted for a "Thank you. Come again!" Even if you're the type who makes your intentions crystal clear, scienc…

Photo: BBA Winner Dilish Mathews Share a photo With Boyfriend Stephen, Romancing

Dillish shared this picture of herself and boyfriend Steve two days ago on her Instagram page with the caption:
5 days away from u feels like eternity. 'oh Romeo how art thou'?

Justin bieber build a house for his family in Canada

Justin Bieber's dad is living in a pretty badass Canadian home ... along with his two kids ... but we has learned, JB is the one who sprung for the place. Sources connected to the Bieber family tell us ... Justin wants to make sure his half-brother and half-sister are living in a really nice home, so he shelled out a cool $850k in cash for a 5-bedroom cabin-style pad in Ontario, where they live with their dad. We're told ... this isn't a case of the family sponging off of Justin -- it's Justin who made the offer to the family. The house is located way out in the Canadian wilderness in a small town of roughly 8,000 people. But it's not like the family is trying to get off the grid -- the family name is plastered right on the mailbox.

Rihanna Shows Off her sexy body (see pictures)

Singer, Rihanna showed off her rockin' bikini body yet again as she posed for pics poolside in the Dominican Republic.
Riri definitely looks hot and sure knows how to strike a sexy pose.

Nigeria Singer "Peeshaun" Of Skuki Prays To Marry Singer Chidinma

Chidinma, where are you? there's someone who is in love with you and wants the world to know it. Peeshawn, one half of singing sensation Skuki (pictured above in white shirt) confessed his love for Chidinma in an interview with Encomium mag. Excerpts from the interview below...
But, there are some you also admire that you don't mind spending the rest of your life with?
Yes, of course! Nigeria is blessed with pretty babes. If you study me well, you will observe that I am a very romantic guy, at the same time, I am very emotional. I definitely have someone that I love so much.
In the industry or out of the industry?
(Pause for seconds) In the industry, I have someone I really love so much.
Who is the lucky lady?(Pauses again) Chidinma. She's really attractive. I really love her so much, but we've not really had time to chat closely, except when we met at backstage during shows. I hope she will read this, for her to know that Peeshaun of Skuki loves her.
But Chidinma does…

5 Things You Should NEVER Say To A Woman During Séx

Whether it's your wife of five years or a chick you just met at a bar, séx is an incredibly intimate experience—especially for the woman.
So when you're in the bedroom (or elsewhere), it's important to avoid unnecessary commentary that could ruin the mood, or worse— make her not want to sleep with you again. From discussing your séxual repertoire to assessing her órgasm, here are five subjects to stay away from during séx.
1. "Not like that."
Remember in school when you were taught to give "constructive criticism?" This does not apply to your lady in the bedroom. It's not very séxy or encouraging to tell a woman her skills are subpar in the heat of the moment. You should always frame it in the positive by talking about what you do like. How we say things to each other can make a huge difference in performance and séxual confidence.
Also avoid: "What are you doing?"
2. "My ex used to love it when I..."
All women are different, so don&#…

Who Wore It Best? Kate Houston or Tiwa Savage?


Women protest for aviation minister ''Leave Stella Oduah Alone'' - Women Demand

A group of women this morning gathered at the Federal Secretariat in Abuja, to support the embattled minister of aviation, Ms Stella Oduah.
The women were carrying placards which read "a fight against Stella Oduah is a fight against women"

President Jonathan to meet ASUU on Monday, November 4 *Universities may re-open next week

Scan-News can authoritatively reveal that in a last ditch effort to resolve the ASUU strike, President Goodluck Jonathan will on Monday, November 4, meet with the leadership of ASUU at the Presidential Villa.
This was part of the resolutions of the meeting between the ASUU leadership, Vice President Namadi Sambo and the Supervising Minister of Education on Tuesday as was first reported by this medium.
An official of the Vice President's office who pleaded anonymity told Scan News that all hands are now on deck to ensure that the universities resume next week.
The official stated that the Vice President and the Supervising Minister of Education have made head-way in resolving the strike, but the final involvement of the President is to show ASUU that there is the commitment of the Federal Government at the highest level.
It was learnt that the President has been fully briefed on steps taken by Vice President Namadi Sambo and the Supervising Minister of Education to get to this point.

UNBELIEVABLE: ‘Jesus And Mary’ Appear on Google Earth [PHOTO]

Jesus and Mary have been spotted on Google Earth.
The extraordinary image, which can be seen on the satellite imaging site, appears to show a shrouded Messiah accompanied by Mother Mary.
The dark image of the son of God can be seen on the left, while his mother's outline, coloured white and pink, is on the right.
Mary even appears to be cloaked in a flowing gown, head bowed and hands held in prayer.
The image was snapped by Google as its imaging vehicle drove along the A5 highway near Walensee, in Switzerland.
Many other bizarre images have been captured on Google

Lady Gaga morn her dead 17years old Dog wIth a naked picture

Lady Gaga has lost her dog of 17 years to cancer.
The "Applause" singer took to Twitter to announce the passing of her beloved dog Alice, after a battle with the disease.
"My puppy Alice died. We had to put her down, cancer ate away at a little angel. My daddy is so sad, we all are, lost a member of our family," she posted Tuesday.
"I just pray Alice found her wonderland."
To pay her respects, Gaga wore all black in London today, even sporting a black face mask and black hat.
Gaga tweeted some fond memories of her best friend.
"I remember her laying [on] my bed, she knew when I was sad, or when I was sick," she said. "I should have been there. I just pray Alice found her wonderland."
She elaborated on how tough it is being away in London and not being able to say goodbye.
"I love being an entertainer but it is so painful sometimes to be away from home, 17 years she held on, so many memories," she added.

Oduah: More facts emerge on bulletproof cars purchase

The Comptroller-General of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Abdullahi Dikko, yesterday said that the two BMW 760 series armoured cars allegedly purchased by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) for the personal use of the Honourable Minister of Aviation, Princess Stella Oduah were imported into Nigeria under the pretext of using them for the 18th Lagos National Sports Festival tagged Eco-2012.
The Comptroller-General of the NCS, who was represented by the Deputy Comptroller of the NCS, Mr. Manasseh Jatau, before the House of Representatives Committee on Aviation investigating the vehicle purchases in the aviation industry, testified that the NCS granted an import duty waiver for the cars, alongside 298 other vehicles for the sports festival based on the directive of the Presidency.
Jatau said that the duty waiver of N10.1 million approval via the Ministry of Finance had an end user certificate No.0000001672 in the name of Lagos State government dated 6/6/2013 and issued by th…

Rihanna was unhappy with her traditional tattoo,drew another ontop it(Photos)

We didn't like it..Rihanna didn't either. She sparked concern when she had a traditional New Zealand tattoo on her entire hand..It is a very painful procedure as a chisel is used to create the patterns..
Riri was unhappy with the results and flew her personal tattoo artiste. 1,500 miles to meet her inthe Dominican Republic to adjust it and make it look pretty to what it looks below.
Chai I even prefer the first one...Agree?

BURIED ALIVE: 13-Yr-Old Raped Girl, Survives By Digging Way Out of Grave

Reported incident - which police allegedly refused to investigate - is latest in series of sexual assaults on children in Pakistan.
A 13-year-old girl has survived after she was raped and buried alive by two men in Pakistan.
The girl was able to dig herself out of a shallow roadside grave once she had been left for dead by her attackers, who believed their sexual assault had killed her.
The teenager had been on her way to Koran lessons in the Tobe Tek Singh district of Punjab province when she was abducted by the two men.
They took her to a remote place, raped her until she passed out and then buried her.
When she had regained consciousness she was able to dig her way to the surface and raise the alarm.
The girl's father then went to the police, but they reportedly refused to cooperate or launch an investigation.
The Lahore High Court Chief Justice's Complaint Cell has now intervened, ordering that the incident be looked into by a district judge and instructing police to arres…

FAAN Admits Buying 2 Armoured Limos For Princess Oduah

The Chairman, Senate Committee on Aviation, Senator Hope Uzodinma, on Wednesday said the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) purchased two armoured vehicles for its Managing Director and another two for the embattled minister, Princess Stella Oduah.
Uzodinma spoke to newsmen on the sidelines of the investigation into the purchase of two armoured vehicles by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) for Aviation Minister Stella Oduah.
He said that FAAN Managing Director, Mr George Uriesi, told the committee on oath that his agency purchased 202 operational cars and two bullet-proofs cars for the office of the managing director.
"Uriesi did confirm that among the operational vehicles they purchased, four of them are armored vehicles, two for the managing director and two for the minister.
"We told them to go back and put everything in writing and make comprehensive statements on all vehicles purchased.
"They bought a total number of 202 vehicles for different oper…

See How Sea Pirates Terrorise Akwa Ibom Communities

Sea pirates have invaded fishing settlements in Mbo Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, stealing clothes, outboard engines, money and maiming residents.
This has been confirmed by dozens of fishermen, who spoke to Punch Metro at Ibaka, Mbo LGA on October 29, 2013, Tuesday.
The embattled residents revealed that the pirates not only seized the fishing areas of the Atlantic Ocean from the fishermen, but had also taken over their settlements.
The affected settlements include Ute Bramah, Okposo, Atabong, Mbughu Unyenge, Afia Ndite, Mbeng Ndonro and Inua Abasi.
Mr. Kenneth Okon, a fisherman, said the occupation of the high seas, by the pirates and the militants in the suburbs, had made the areas dangerous for residents.
Mr. Okon, who returned from Ute Bramah on Monday, said they fled the community as their lives were at stake.
"We have been in constant fear of the sea pirates. Formerly, they used to operate only in the high seas, but now prowl around the communities both day and …

Ex-footballer Beheaded And Head Left Outside His Family House.

A former professional footballer's head was severed and left on the doorstep of his home for his horrified wife to discover.
Ex-footballer Beheaded, Then Head Put in Rucksack, Left Outside Family Home
SEVERED: Brazilian footballer Joao Rodrigo Silva Santos' head was found in a rucksack outside his home in Rio
Brazilian footballer Joao Rodrigo Silva Santos' wife found her husband's head in a rucksack as she left their Rio de Janeiro home on Tuesday morning.
The 35-year-old's tongue and eyes had also been cut out according to police.
Mr Santos retired from the game two years ago after a career which saw him appear for several Rio teams as well as clubs in Honduras and Sweden.
Ex-footballer Beheaded, Then Head Put in Rucksack, Left Outside Family Home
RIO: The murder took place in one of Rio de Janeiro's poorer areas
Since quitting football he had started his own business selling health foods and various dietary aids.
Police believe the former footballer was attac…

Ladies Beware - Worm Infested Hair[Weave] from Dead People Now on sales In The Market

Ladies please beware!!! Irene Myangoh, a personal assistant working at a law firm in Nairobi went to an upmarket hair salon along Kenyatta Avenue, and spent more than N5,500 on a human hair weave.
Two weeks later she started suffering from severe headache that would not go away. She would wake up with severe headache at night. She went to a private doctor who gave her drugs for the relief of mild to moderate pain of inflammatory origin with or without fever; they would only work for a few hours and then the headache would be back worse than even before. Desperate, she went to see a specialist who did blood tests and even a brain scan. All the tests were negative but the headache persisted, making her unable to concentrate at work and sleeping very poorly. She went back to her doctor who decided to examine her scalp and under the beautiful weave he found worms!
The worms were burrowing into her skull and after sending the samples to the lab they found that the hair had eggs from which …

How My Cousin Snatched My Boyfriend and Got Married To Him ––Actress Mina

Fast-rising actress and ex-beauty queen, Mina Horsefall is still yet to get over the fact that the watched as her own Cousin snatched her boyfriend from her and eventually got married to him. She said her boyfriend told her that he can't date her Cousin, but he was sleeping with her and even impregnated her.
Below is what the actress told Encomium about the worst betrayal of her life...
"My first cousin and my ex betrayed me. The whole story is complicated. She dated my boyfriend and married him. I had no idea what was going on until they were about to get married because she was pregnant for him. I did not introduce him to her. She knew him. He was my Uncle's best man and we were in the bridal train. He met us together and went after me.
"We had a relationship for some years, two years at a stretch, then it became off and on and all those times she knew. She was even engaged to someone else at the time. Unknown to me she 'worked' her NYSC down to Lagos to ha…

Nigeria police Free Six Pregnant Girls In Baby Factory Raid In Port Harcourt

Nigerian police have raided a baby factory in the oil city of Port Harcourt and arrested
a woman accused of harbouring six pregnant girls, a spokeswoman said Wednesday..
We rescued six girls last week at different stages of pregnancy from an illegal maternity home in Port Harcourt, Joy Elomoko of the Imo State police told AFP. She said the youngest of the girls was 14, without disclosing the ages of the others.
"We have also arrested the proprietress of the clinic and she is assisting us in our investigation," she said. Elomoko said the raid on the Port Harcourt home followed the arrest of a girl with a baby in nearby Owerri on October 15.
"A lady was found in suspicious circumstances with a day old baby and after interrogation she confessed that she gave birth to a baby in Port Harcourt," the police spokeswoman said. Elomoko said police detectives followed the girl to Port Harcourt where six expectant mothers were found in a clinic run by a woman.
"The woman …

Don't Mess With The Police -IGP Warns Banks

The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mohammed Abubakar, blamed commercial banks for deliberately delaying payment of monthly salaries to police personnel, threatened to withdraw police accounts domiciled in some of them. The banks 'under fire' are First Bank, Skye Bank, UBA and Zenith Bank.
Police Force spokesman, Frank Mba, read the appropriate statement by the IGP in Abuja on October 30, 2013, Wednesday.
The IGP described the failure by the banks to release the salaries as a conspiracy against the Force.
MD Abubakar said the situation has continued to expose police officers and men to undue pressure and extreme difficulties.
"The IGP warned the banks and their personnel of the dire consequences, including, but not limited to a reconsideration of the existing relationship between the Force and the banks if the situation persists," the statement said.
The police boss was particularly irked that the Federal Government has been releasing police salaries early enough,…

23-man shortlist for World Footballer of the Year:: And the Best Coach

Will Lionel Messi be crowned World's Best Footballer for the 5th time in a row or will Christiano Ronaldo get it...for the second time? Or maybe there's someone else who deserves it instead? The 2013 Ballon D'or shortlist for World's Best Player and Coach of the Year has been unveiled. See the nominees below...
(1) Gareth Bale (Real Madrid/Wales)
(2) Philipp Lahm (Bayern Munich/Germany)
(3) Thomas Muller (Bayern Munich/Germany)
(4) Manuel Neuer (B ayern Munich/Germany)
(5) Bastian Schweinsteiger (Bayern Munich/Germany)
(6) Mesut Ozil (Arsenal/Germany)
(7) Robin van Persie (Man United/Netherlands)
(8) Arjen Robben (Bayern Munich/Netherlands)
(9) Edinson Cavani (PSG/Uruguay)
(10) Luis Suarez (Liverpool/Uruguay)
See the rest after the cut...
(11) Andres Iniesta (Barcelona/Spain)
(12) Xavi (Barcelona/Spain)
(13) Neymar (Barcelona/Brazil)
(14) Thiago Silva (PSG/Brazil)
(15) Radamel Falcao (Monaco/Colombia)
(16) Andrea Pirlo (Juventus/Italy)
(17) Frank Ribery (Bayern Munich/…

WEIRD: Businessman Pays Model to Bréastfeed him During Business Banquet

Businessman offered a young model 100,000 yuan ($16,430) to bréastfeed him during a group dinner in Jiujiang, China. And, astonishingly, she accepted.
Mo Lulu, a young singer and model, gained nationwide notoriety after circulating a series of "body mooncake" photos online in September, in which she had men eating mooncakes off her nude body.
She grabbed eyeballs again at the Jiujiang automobile show on Friday, standing next to luxury automobiles in alluring poses and scanty underwear.
She then lay on a stage and allowed people to place fruit on her body.
This time, she has gone one step further. China National Radio reported on its website that at a private dinner after the automobile show, Mo bréastfed a man who paid her 100,000 yuan ($16,430).
According to the report, the businessman called Mo "mom" every time he took a sip. Other people at the dinner took photos and uploaded them online.
Once again Mo has become a target on Chinese social media.
"WTF, real…

Shocking:: Lady Gaga Walking in the street, Without wearing something under


Finally! Toni Payne Needs A Husband; She's Tired Of Waiting For 9ice

Singer 9ice and Toni Payne Marriage is One of the most controversial breakups in the entertainment industry in Nigeria in recent times. Their marriage was all well and sweet until rumours that one of the party caught the other doing some "shameful things" surfaced on the social media. Since then, 9ice has refused to forgive his wife and take her back. But it seems Toni Payne is ready to forget all about 9ice and move on with her life.

Nigeria Football Legend,Okocha Gives Wife a G-Wagon as Her 40th Birthday Present

Nigerian football legend Austin 'Jay Jay' Okocha, threw a lavish 40th birthday party for his wife of 16 years, Nkechi Okocha on Friday October 25th at Civic Centre in Lagos. Maestromedia reports that Okocha gave his wife a brand new White Mercedez Benz G-Wagon SUV as birthday present. Nkechi was said to have gone down on her knees to thank her husband for all his love and support in front of the party guests. Happy birthday to her

TRUE STORY: How This Lady Was Forced To Maké Lové With A Dog And A Horse For Money

When the Internet first came to the continent of African society,most people were very pleased with it because it reduces stress of communication with lové around the world,it also serve as productive purposes like communication.
It served many people for chatting, sending mails and even business. As the time passed by many ladies discovered that they could use the internet to find a chat friend or a life partner.Some girls have greatly benefited just by using the internet to find their dream marriages or relationhsips. Others have fallen into traps in the West and wish they would never have known what the internet was.This is the case of one Cameroonian,Elvire Axelle Tchamakoua. Continue.......
Axelle is prostituté who is pimped to various men by her main man Jean Claude(French Businessman).She did not mind serving her customers from the front or from behind.The use of condoms during her encouters was the allowed as it brings more money to the table for her a…

OJB Discharged From Hospital In India, Expected Back In Nigeria Soon.

Popular music producer and musician Babatunde David Okungbowa aka OJB Jezreel has been discharged two months after he left Nigeria to India for a kidney transplant.
Ojb had a successful operation, is currently recovering well and sent out this message to thank Nigerians.
Dear fellow Nigerians,
Greetings from far away India! I am sure this note from me will catch you with a little surprise.
I have been reading a lot of news about ME being published on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and different Blogs by my good friends.
I thought I must take out a quick moment and let you know that I am officially discharged today from the hospital, after a successful Kidney Transplantation Surgery, by God's Grace.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Nigerians for your prayers and good wishes, without which all this would not have been possible.
I also take this opportunity to thank my friends, fans and family for all the love, prayers and good wishes for a Speedy Recovery!!
Be home w…

Hard Times For Popular Nollywood Actress; Mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson has been banned from acting in any Nollywood movie due to the huge amount she charges for movies.A colleague of hers told me that she's paid 4 to 5million per movie. Association of
Movie Producers(AMP) and other
stakeholders in the movie
industry decided to call her to order by slamming a ban that will deter others from charging exorbitant fees like her .Concerned fans in Nigeria
have called on the Actors Guild
of Nigeria, AGN to resolve the matter.
Most feel a ban is capital punishment and they should rather reach a compromise on how much is dimmed exorbitant and inform actors not to charge above the stipulated amount.
Good luck to Mercy! Maybe it's time to move to Hollywood.

Who Wore It Best? Kate Houston or Tiwa Savage?


DJ Arrested With 52 Wraps Of Cocaine - Lagos

Officers of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, have arrested a 36-year-old Disc Jockey carrying 855 grammes of cocaine.
In a statement on Tuesday by the NDLEA Head of Public Affairs, Mr. Mitchell Ofoyeju, the suspect, Iwunze Magnus, with a South African passport number 460709224, was said to have boarded an Iberia flight from Costa Rica enroute Madrid.
According to the statement by the NDLEA Head of Public Affairs, Mr. Mitchell Ofoyeju, DJ Iwunze Magnus was found to have ingested 52 wraps of cocaine as he arrived, three of these wraps were excreted by him during the flight.
Magnus, who owns a music studio in Johannesburg, where he has lived with his wife and child since 1997, explained his acts as follows:
"I had wanted to settle the debts I incurred during the burial of my late brother. In an attempt to pay the balance of N300,000, I fell into the hands of drug traffickers who lured me into the trade. They were to pay m…

Chris Brown enters rehab + Karrueche proves they are still together

To shut down the break up rumours, Karrueche Tran posted the photo above on her instagram page and wrote 'Always and Forever'. Meanwhile it's being reported that Chris Brown has just entered a rehab facility in Malibu, California for anger management issues
"Chris Brown has elected to enter a rehab facility," a rep for the singer said in a statement to E! News Tuesday. "His goal is to gain focus and insight into his past and recent behavior, enabling him to continue the pursuit of his life and his career from a healthier vantage point."L.A. County probation department is trying to determine if Chris violated his probation by getting arrested in D.C. over the weekend after allegedly punching a guy in the nose.

Top Three Richest Nigerian Footballers

The adventure of the likes of Stephen Keshi, Etim Esin, Daniel Amokachi, Austin Okocha, Nwankwo Kanu and Finidi George overseas changed their fortunes from ordinary amateur footballers struggling with daily existence to professional footballers worth millions of naira. Investments of those who play the round leather game already amounts to billions of naira.
Here our list of the top three richest footballers in Nigeria.
Sources say John Mikel Obi, the Chelsea midfielder is the current highest earning Nigerian footballer. He joined Chelsea in 2006 from Norwegian club Fc Lyn Oslo on a US$25 million. He is currently on US$120,000,(N20m), per week excluding bonuses, and income from participating at the UEFA Champions League.
The 25-year-old Jos born player owns mansions in Jos, Lagos and London worth about N800m. He has shares in top companies, and he recently launched a record label, MATURED MONEY MIND (MMM). He drives a Mercedes G Wagon, Black Mercedes G 500, a Range Rover S…

10 Tips On How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

1) Here is extremely great and efficient hair mask, which will not only help your hair to grow faster, but also will make them look more shiny, healthy and beautiful. Mix in a small bowl: 1 egg's yolk, 1 table spoon of honey, 1 table spoon of extra virgin olive oil (or linen oil) and 1 table spoon of vodka (or cognac). Massage this mixture into the roots of your hair, spread to the lengths; wait for 40 minutes. (For better results you can put plastic hat on your head and cover it with a towel, but make sure that your special someone doesn't see you wearing this extravagant "construction" on your head  ). After, wash your hair, as usual. You will be astonished with amazing results!2) Eat protein to make your hair grow faster. Not only exterior efforts, massages and masks count, when you want to have thick and beautiful hair. Very important thing is what you eat! Did you know that food can make a tremendous difference in how fast your hair grows? Protein provides a b…

Wow, Davido don't charge for collaboration

I like this guy! No wonder he is so bless. The question of how much Nigerian Artistes charge for collaborations have been asked one too many times by upcoming acts who wishes to do some work with them. Davido is one of the highly sorted acts. The 20 year old star revealed the amount he charges on his Twitter page earlier after a fan claimed you need to have booked 365-days prior to collaboration date. Davido said he charges nothing!

50 Cent Sentenced To 3 Years Probation For Domestic Violence

In a case that usually attracts jail time, rapper 50 Cent has avoided going to the slammer after he was charged with domestic violence against his second baby mama. In a deal worked out by his lawyers that removes a serious domestic violence charge, 50 has agreed to plead no contest to one count of misdemeanor vandalism and was sentenced on Monday to three years probation. He must complete 30 days of community service and attend counseling, as well as pay $7,100 in restitution to Daphne Narvarez, the mother of his second child.

Mike Adenuga To Honour Peter Okoye & Lola Omotayo On Their Wedding Day

The Chairman of Globacom, Mike Adenuga will be gracing the wedding of Peter Okoye and Lola Omotayo come November 17th, 2013. He has accepted to be the chairman of the day and will be playing a significant role. Gbenga Adeyinka the 1st and Helen Paul will be anchoring the event. May D is also said to be one of his grooms men.

President Goodluck Jonathan Suspends Oduah

President Goodluck Jonathan may have placed the embattled Minister of Aviation, Ms. Stella Oduah, on "tactical suspension," findings have revealed.
A reliable Presidency source said Jonathan decided on the "tactical suspension," hours before the signing of the Bilateral Air Service Agreement between Nigeria and Israel on Monday.
The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Aviation, Mr. George Ossi, had on October 24 told the House of Representatives Committee on Aviation that Oduah led a Nigerian delegation to Israel to sign the BASA.
The House committee is probing the purchase of two bulletproof cars at a whopping N255m price by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority for the minister.
A source explained that it was the 'tactical suspension' that made Jonathan to direct the Minister of State (1) for Foreign Affairs, Prof. Viola Onwuliri, to sign the agreement instead of Oduah.
When asked by one of our correspondents what 'tactical suspension' me…