Ghen Ghen! Controversial Actress Biola Ige Accuses her best friend RuthEze of Leaking her Nude Photos

Actress Biola Ige and her colleague, Ruth Eze are on war path over her n*de picture that leaked online few days back. This isbecause, Biola is directly accusing her onetime best friend, Ruth of master minding the scandal by sending the picture online. On hearing the rumour that she has been dragged into the controversy, Ruth circulated a press release denying having any contact with the picture, and begs Biola to keep her out of the mess.
She wrote:
"My Attention has been drawn to attempts by Biola Ige to drag me into the semi N*de pictures that has been on the internet for the last 1 week.
My response to this is simple I Ruth Eze has and will never be involve in such acts and I advise Biola Ige not to drag my name into this mess, I shall not be entertaining questions on this again and I wish Biola all the best as I also focus on my career".
Ruth Eze

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