Caught in the act: Man found having SEX with she-goat in Zimbabwe

A man in Zimbabwe is said to have been arrested and charged for bestiality after he allegedly had sex with a she-goat.
23-year-old herdsman, Fortune Moyo is said to have reacted rather strangely when he saw two goats mating.
Moyo, who works at the Wichlia Farm in Kwekwe, reportedlychased away the male goat and then proceeded to have his way with the female.
The suspect was said to have gotten sexually aroused when he saw the goats and he decided to get a piece of the action for himself.
On being apprehended, Moyo claimed that he committed the act because he was possessed by evil spirits.
He was caught by a fellow herdsman identified as Panashe Mutorindo who reported the incident to to the owner Berinos Sadauchi. The owner then reported to the police leading to the suspect's arrest.

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