This woman’s breasts became SQUARE-shaped after a failed surgery (Viewer Discretion)

A woman who went to a plastic surgeon to get a routine breast reduction was left disfigured after the operation was botched.
45-year-old Dawn Roberts had size 36FF breasts and her body was disproportionate, size 18 on top and a 10 below.
She had a first surgery but had to have another when she gained weight and her bust filled out again.
Daily Mail reports:
But thanks to a bungling surgeon, in place of the petite 36C breasts she had hoped for, she woke up to find she had badly scarred square breasts that were pitted with holes and an unwanted triangular protuberance on one side.
Disfigured: Dawn says she has been left mutilated and miserable by the botched breast reduction
'My breasts were quite large, 36FF, and I didn't like them because I looked so top heavy and it meant I was size 10 on the bottom and 18 on the top,' she remembers.
And after the first operation to reduce them, she was thrilled with the results. 'Within weeks, I was was like a new woman and I couldn't believe it,' she remembers. 'I had this small bust and there was no pain.'
But disaster struck when Dawn began to gain weight and her new, smaller bust regained its old volume.
'They grew a lot bigger than the rest of me,' she adds. 'They grew quite quickly and the back pain was back, the neck pain was back, so I went back to the doctors and the surgeon suggested I have a second breast reduction.'
With her wedding just three months away, Dawn was worried that her breasts wouldn't be healed in time but the surgeon reassured her that things would be fine.
Appalling: The bungling surgeon left her with square breasts and a bizarre triangle-shaped protuberance
Happier: Dawn before having the surgery that has caused her so much pain
They weren't and when Dawn woke up, she was horrified to discover that she'd been left with square shaped, indented breasts, no cleavage and an unexpected triangular lump on one side.
'One breast is higher than the other and both are completely square,' she reveals. 'On one side, there's a big triangle bulge – it's complete disfigurement.'
Determined to look her best on her wedding day, she walked down the aisle with a rolled up bandage in her bra to give herself a cleavage and hid the disfigurement beneath her dress.
But too embarrassed to wear a bikini, her dream Egyptian honeymoon had to be postponed indefinitely.
'We've been married for 12 months and we've still not been on our honeymoon,' says Dawn's husband, Steve.
'We were planning to go to Egypt but haven't been able to go because of the way Dawn was left. She doesn't feel comfortable wearing a bikini or any sort of swimwear.
He added: 'The intimacy side has become very difficult. She doesn't like me touching her because she's so self-conscious about it.'
Dawn herself says she feels guilty about what happened and the burden it has placed on her relationship with her new husband.
'Steve has had to take on awful lot,' she adds. 'It's not fair on him to be burdened with this as soon as we got married.
'Even though he's been very patient and very supportive, I'm not the same person that he met. I've been left so disfigured, I just don't feel like a woman anymore. It really has ruined my life.'

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