This female teacher was arrested for performing oral sex on 15-year-old boy

A high school math teacher has been arrested after she was accused of performing oral sex on a young teenager in her classroom.
43-year-old Corrie Anne Long was said to have abused a 15-year-old high school student during the long sexual affair they had.
Their relationship was revealed by a student who had caught Long spanking the boy and sitting on his lap. She was reported immediately to the school authority.
Daily News reports:
Cops were called and the 15-year-old claimed Long, who he had known since sixth grade and who was his current math teacher, had performed oral sex on him in November 2013.
Long was charged with sexual assault of a child under the age of 17 and having an improper relationship with a minor, reports the Houston Chronicle.
Placed on administrative leave, she is currently free on $30,000 bond.
A school spokesman said it was cooperating fully with the investigation.
"The safety of our students is always our highest priority," a statement said.
"The district took immediate action to remove the teacher once the allegations were made, and we will continue to cooperate fully with law enforcement in this matter," it added.

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